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Media Production

Photography, Videography, Drone Services & Website Design

We're pleased to be able offer a variety of production services. Working in a technical industry, production can go hand in hand with live events.

Photography - We can take care of event photography in a range of scenarios. Examples of this include show photography, room/venue photography, product launch, company headshots and corporate away days. We also offer photography for the housing market, with completive packages based on the size of property, including video creation if require.

Videography & Drone Services - Like Photography, Videography works great on live events. We can film and record conferences which can also utilised on any screens the presentations are running from, especially good for large scale events. We also provide venue filming along with promotional video creations. Drone work is becoming more widely used and this can be a great option for any promotional content you are looking to create. This is also a great option for surveying large areas such as warehouse/business parks and outdoor spaces. All our Drone operatives are fully licensed and insured giving you peace of mind that the work undertaken by our professional team.

Website Design - Does your website need a refresh to update the look and feel of your company? We can offer an in-house service to create the site for you. We liaise with you directly throughout the process to create something that shows your brand what it's all about along with continued support in keeping it updated. We our in-house photography work, we can also organise new content for your site so if you have recently renovated your office/venue/hotel room, we can not only design the website, but also refresh the content that will be displayed.

Please get in touch today and see how we can help you with you production needs.

Media Production: About the Company
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